We get it — sometimes you need a little more of kick in your coffee to get up in the morning and be productive at work, but we recently came across a product that might be taking the love for the world’s number one drug (caffeine) a little too far. According to a recent article by Tony Merevick of Thrillist, one cup of this Australian Ass-Kicker Coffee contains more than 75 times the amount of caffeine in an espresso shot.

Its Origins

The “Asskicker” coffee was developed by Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia. Owner Steve Benington originally created the drink for an ER nurse who needed to stay awake during an unexpected overnight shift. Merevick writes that it certainly did the trick! The nurse sipped the drink over the course of two days because it was so strong, and she stayed awake for nearly three days.

What’s In It

One cup of “Asskicker” coffee contains four espresso shots, four 48-hour cold brew ice cubes, 120 milliliters of super-strong, 10-day cold brew coffee, and an additional four 48-hour cold brew ice cubes to top it off. Viscous Coffee says the heart-racing coffee Merevick dubs a “jet-fuel beverage” is meant to be sipped slowly over the course of three or four hours, so you can be wired for up to 18 hours.

It Can Be Deadly

One serving of “Asskicker” coffee contains five grams of caffeine, which is more than 12 times the FDA-recommended daily limit of 400 milligrams, and 80 times the caffeine amount in a standard cup of coffee. Michele Debczak of Mental Floss says consuming 10 grams of caffeine is enough to overdose, so “consuming two cups of the super-charged beverage could be a death sentence.”

Here in the Keys, we know you might need a fix to force yourself into work on a beautiful day to overcome the effects of a night spent on Duval Street, but we don’t advise sampling (nor do we sell) Ass-Kicker, but we so serve plenty of caffeinated and delicious alternatives that will keep you moving and make sure you live to see another day.