Depending in which country coffee plants are grown, the beans will have unique flavors that pertain only to that geographic region. Central and South Americas, for example, have distinctive coffee flavor profiles that true coffee connoisseurs might be able to pinpoint, like the sweet chocolatey and spicy notes.

Central America

Coffee grown in Guatemala is extremely rich. Mostly produced in Antigua, Coban, and Huehuetenango — areas with high amounts of rich, volcanic soil. The microclimates — climates surrounding small regions — impact the quality and flavor of beans cultivated at an altitude of 4,500 feet, according to the National Coffee Association. Guatemala’s coffee notably has spicy and chocolatey flavors.

In Costa Rica, arabica beans are usually wet-processed — meaning the fruit covering the coffee seeds is removed before they are dried. Grown primarily on small farms called fincas, farmers are able to devote more of their time to ensuring the quality of their products is high. The coffee here has a medium body and sharp acidity, which is considered to be the perfect balance—not too strong or weak.

South America

Like many premium coffees, South American coffee varietals are grown in volcanic soil, present in tropical climates. The National Coffee Association calls Colombia the “best-known coffee producer,” listed as Number Two worldwide in annual coffee production. Because coffee is cultivated here by thousands of small, family-run farms, it results in good, mild coffee with a well-balanced acidity.

In contrast, Brazilian coffee is extremely strong, and is also currently the largest global producer of coffee. Their coffee plantations are vast, requiring multitudes of people to manage and tend. But it’s worth it, because Brazilian coffee is revered for its sweet flavor, medium-body, and low acidity.

We have many varieties of coffees grown from all over the world. They’re so delicious, we can’t possibly pick a favorite. We know the variety might seem overwhelming, but stop on in and we’ll help you pick the coffee that best suits your tastes.