Coffee doesn’t all taste the same — depending on where it was grown, coffee can have many different flavors, from the subtle citrus to the floral notes. Here are just a few examples of how coffee flavors vary from country to country.

What Causes Flavor Varieties

According to the National Coffee Association, there are many factors that will impact coffee flavors, from its geographic location, the chemistry of the soil in which it was grown, the variety of the coffee plant, the amount of sunshine and precipitation the plant receives, and the elevation at which the plant was grown. These qualities, combined with the way the cherries were processed after being picked, will all affect the coffees’ flavors. Coffee flavor profiles are so unique that if you tasted coffees from a single coffee plantation, you would find variations in their tastes.

Coffee Flavors in the United States

Hawaii’s most notable Kona coffee is always in high demand and is often known as the best coffee you can find in Hawaii. Coffee plants need specific tropical climates to grow properly, so it’s apt that Hawaii has its signature heat from the active Mauna Loa volcano for these plants to grow in, as coffee plants grow best in volcanic soil. Young coffee trees are planted in black volcanic soil, while they are offered reprieves from the intense Hawaiian sun from towering palm trees, and plenty of rainfall provides a perfect weather balance for these plants.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, their coffee is known for its depth of flavor and the sharpness of its taste. Because it’s primarily grown in small coffees farms, it may come as a surprise that Mexico is a leading global coffee producer, with roughly 100,000 coffee farms. A majority of the Mexican coffee farms are present in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Veracruz, in the southern and warmer states of the country.

In Puerto Rico, arabica coffee is mainly grown, and the coffee here is noted for its balanced body, lower acidity, and its fruity aroma. Once the sixth-largest global coffee producer in the 19th century, hurricanes hindered their cultivation.

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