It can be hard to have a healthy breakfast when you’re rushing to work in the morning, with half a bagel in your mouth and a quickly cooling cup of coffee in your hand. But there are a few delicious and light breakfast options you can try at Keys Coffee Co. to get your morning started the right way.

Oslo Sandwich

One of our most popular breakfast options, the Oslo sandwich is made with our own house-cured Gravlax salmon. We top it with tomatoes, red onions, eggs, and scallion cream cheese, and put it all on a toasted Goldman’s bagel. “We like giving our breakfast options a unique twist,” Geno, our chef and co-owner, says. “Of course, people like to see regular items like ham, eggs, and bacon, but we use a huge variety of vegetables and cure our own salmon in our Oslo sandwich, which makes it special.”

Havana, Keys, and Capri Sandwiches

If you haven’t tried our Havana breakfast sandwich on flaky and toasted Cuban bread, it’s an experience for sure. With grilled ham, eggs, and Swiss cheese on that Cuban bread, it’s a Cuban twist on a classic. And of course, you can’t say no to our signature Keys sandwich: Bacon, tomato, eggs, and cheddar cheese on a light, flaky, and toasted Cuban bread. But if you’re looking for veggie options in your breakfast, try our Capri breakfast sandwich. True to its name, it mimics the Caprese sandwiches you would find on the island of Capri in Italy, featuring sautéed spinach, tomatoes, garlic, basil pesto, eggs, and our local mozzarella cheese on a croissant.

Best of all, every element in your sandwich is made to order. Our eggs are cooked fresh on the grill, and the sandwich isn’t assemble until you order. Whichever breakfast sandwich you choose this morning, we promise it’ll taste amazing. You could try pairing your sandwich with one of our delicious and signature cups of Keys coffee to complete your breakfast experience.