We’re all familiar with the hustle and bustle in the morning before work. Most of us settle for cheap, bitter coffee in a to-go cup before hitting the road. Or maybe you quickly heat up yesterday’s coffee. Either way, you deserve better. We professionally grind coffee with a burr grinder, so you don’t have to invest in an expensive purchase.


Why Should You Grind?

Coffee has many compounds that impact its flavor, which can vanish quickly when left out for too long. When you grind your coffee right before you brew, you ensure that these compounds stay intact for a longer period of time, so the overall taste of your coffee will improve. The amount you grind your coffee changes its flavor. If you grind your beans too finely, your coffee will taste acerbic. If you want a coarse grind, it’s recommended that you use a French press or a percolator. For a medium grind, use a flat-bottomed drip coffee maker, and for a fine grind, conical drip coffee makers are more effective.


Burr Grinder versus Blade Grinder

It’s true: the type of grinder you use on your beans will determine the taste and quality of your coffee. A burr grinder can be used manually or electronically and will crush your beans with less frictional heating, using abrasive elements called burrs, which are similar to wheels. This process will more effectively release the coffee’s natural oils, providing the coffee with a richer flavor. On the other hand, a blade grinder trades in these abrasive elements for a blade within the center of the grinder used to chop up the beans. Most professional coffee connoisseurs will opt for the more expensive burr grinder because it has proven to produce a superior product.


Whichever grinder you choose, know that the quality of your coffee beans will improve. At our company, we use a burr grinder for flavored coffee beans like hazelnut, Irish cream, and butter rum. We use it often for grinding coffee that later becomes Nitro Cold Brew on tap. We also use a high volume grinder for all our drips and our house cold brew coffee. And other times, we use an espresso grinder that needs to be adjusted daily depending on humidity and temperature outside. Having a professional in charge of grinding these beans means that you’re receiving the highest level of quality coffee can offer.

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