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The Keys Coffee Co Story

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Before settling in Key West, Keys Coffee Co. owner Geno spent the better part of a decade cooking in some of the East Coast’s best restaurants, from 410 Bank Street in Cape May to a few of the most popular destinations in the Florida Keys. After spending seven years in the kitchens of Key West, he and his wife Alena — who is a coffee connoisseur and spent years working as a barista — felt that the Florida Keys were in need of a restaurant that served the highest quality coffees with fresh, delicious food.

Keys Coffee Co. is a product of their years of experience in restaurants and cafés, bringing only the best to their own operation. They are committed to serving locally roasted beans and handcrafted breakfast and lunch sandwiches with the best available local ingredients. All eggs are cooked to order, and all spreads and sauces are made in-house. The majority of their baked goods are made on-site, but they also source from some of the best local purveyors, like Goldman’s Bagel Deli.

Their attention to detail is evidenced by things like taking the time to prepare coffee ice cubes to make sure your cold coffee is never watered down, or the crispiness that comes from making their conch fritters in-house. And their knowledge of the product they serve is extensive: you can ask where your coffee came from or find out what particular aromas and flavors are associated with your brew.

As a local, family-owned business, they’re proud to take the time to both provide exceptional customer service and produce a superior product.

The freshness of ingredients and commitment to locally sourced products can be tasted in every bite.

Geno and Alena invite you to drop in to Keys Coffee Co. and try what locals are happy to call The Best Coffee in the Keys.