Although we’re known for coffee, you might want to consider trying our delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies the next time you visit us. From Mango Berry to Green Goodness, your stomach will be thanking us, especially because we only use natural ingredients to make them —real fruits, vegetables and no artificial flavorings. While coffee certainly has its health benefits, there are a number of reasons you should be drinking more smoothies.

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Health Benefits

Besides the large servings of fruits and vegetables in each smoothie, these drinks are generally made with dietary fibers. Green smoothies are even healthier than fruit ones, as they are made with about 50% vegetables, including kale, spinach, cucumbers, avocado, and lemongrass. Because vegetable smoothies can occasionally taste bitter, they have fewer natural sugars than fruit. According to James Hamblin of The Atlantic, both fruit and vegetable smoothies are super effective in satiating hunger for longer periods of time. And according to Robin Spiller of Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre, “smoothies are a healthy option for people on the go. All other things being equal, if you took a meal and blended it, you’re likely to feel fuller longer.”


How to Make One

Making a delicious and healthy smoothie requires more thought than just throwing whatever is in your fridge in a blender and mixing it up. You need to have precision and carefully consider the ingredients you’re adding. Lauren Gelman of Reader’s Digest states that a good smoothie includes plenty of ice and nonfat dairy, as well as whole fruit instead of artificial substitutes. You can also blend both vegetables and fruit in your smoothie, or keep them separate. And if you consider adding things like chia seeds and whey protein to get a dose of  omega-3s, your smoothie is guaranteed to give you a boost of energy and nutrition.

In September, we will be adding a new smoothie to our selection, which will be comprised of dates, spinach, organic soy milk, bananas, and cashews. However, you’re welcome try any of the smoothies we currently have now with us. Just take a look at our menu.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the differences between the benefits of juices and smoothies, our friends over at Positive HealthWellness produced a great infographic extolling the virtues of each.