Green coffee beans, those which have yet to be roasted, have their own set of health benefits. While we don’t serve green coffee beans, these beans arguably have as many if not more health benefits than the coffee you are accustomed to drinking.

Why You Should Try It:

According to “Natural Living Ideas,” there are several reasons you should try drinking unroasted coffee, number one being its powerful antioxidants. Coffee naturally has many antioxidants, which is one of the reasons why you should drink it more often, but green coffee has even more antioxidants, which can decrease your risks of cancer, heart disease, and normalize your blood sugar levels.

Green coffee can also strengthen your heart. The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans reduces glucose absorption, which could help lower the risks of diabetes and strengthen your blood vessels. It can also help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism by as much as 11%. As caffeine is a natural stimulant on your mind and body, your metabolic rate is also stimulated to work harder, which can both help you lose weight and maintain an ideal, healthy body weight.

Even More Reasons:

That chlorogenic acid can reduce the amount of glucose your body absorbs and, possibly, make you look younger. The antioxidants produced by this acid can slow the effects of aging by providing your body with strong connective tissue for a higher resistance against wrinkles and discoloration.

But most commonly, green coffee provides you with an energy boost, something that regular coffee drinkers are familiar with. The caffeine in green coffee works the same way as roasted coffee — it blocks adenosine, the neurotransmitter— and subsequently leads to increased focus and productivity.

While we don’t serve unroasted, green coffee, our roasted coffees are just as delicious and healthy. You should try any of our varieties, especially our Kenya AA grade, which is the highest quality coffee in this world.