When you walk into our shop, you can expect high quality products. We fresh-squeeze all of our juices every day because we have the same health-conscious attitude that you have when you create juices in your own kitchen. Juicing fruits and vegetables by hand like we do is vastly healthier than artificial products you buy in the a grocery store. It’s worth it to provide you with fresh juice. Here’s what you need to know.


Pros to Drinking Fresh Juice

When you juice your fruits and vegetables, your body is more likely to absorb their nutrients. According to Katherine Zeratsky of Mayo Clinic, the extracted fruit and vegetable juice contains a lot of fiber, so your digestive system is given a rest from processing fiber normally. And an article from Livestrong states that this efficient nutrient absorption can lower the risks of heart disease and cancer. Sugar intake will additionally be reduced because there are none of the artificial additives that you would encounter if you purchased them over the counter. Fresh juice will actively hydrate your body, which will promote an active and effective metabolism, as well as more efficiently processing carbohydrates.


How to Make It

For the best quality fruit and vegetable juice, make sure you wash your produce thoroughly. Then, you can cut off any rotten ends and place in your juicer. Make sure you’re using the right speed on your juicer; harder fruits require a higher speed than softer varieties. Afterwards, you can re-juice your pulp to extract even more juice from your produce. Storing your juice in the fridge will preserve the taste of the fruits and vegetable better than in the freezer.


Determine the Taste

Depending on what types of produce you juice and blend, and in what order you choose to create your product, the taste of your beverage will be affected. If you prefer a sweet taste to your juice, make sure you add a large amount of fruits, like apples, pears, and mangoes. For a more bitter drink, blend your limes and lemons. And for an eccentric, spicy drink, juice ginger and hot peppers. Some juices will taste better if you don’t peel them beforehand, but it is recommended that you peel your kiwis and citrus fruits to maximize the flavor without adding the taste of the skin.


Try any of our fruit and vegetable juices the next time you stop by.
If you’re interested in finding out more about the differences between the benefits of juices and smoothies, our friends over at Positive HealthWellness produced a great infographic extolling the virtues of each.