It may be difficult for some to step outside of the comfort zone that traditional, hot coffee provides. But it’s worth taking a chance on cold brew coffee with us. When coffee is cold-brewed, it’s healthier than hot coffee. Here are some reasons you should try cold brew for yourself.

Health Pros

Cold brew coffee has less acidity than regular coffee: between 65% to 67% less, according to Coffee Kind. This lack of acidity, which results from brewing coffee in cold water, doesn’t take away from the coffee-drinking experience; it’s healthier on consumers’ digestive systems and easier on their stomachs. When coffee is brewed in hot water, the natural oils carrying acids from the coffee beans are extracted, but that is not the case with cold brew coffee.

Distinct Flavor

Coffee’s distinct acidity is a predominant flavor that can overpower milder flavors, In cold brew, however, the acidity levels have decreased, resulting in a smoother taste and a sweeter flavor. Some coffee drinkers might prefer cold brew coffee for this reason and because there isn’t any of the recognizable bitterness associated with hot coffee in cold brew. Cold brew coffee also brings out the nutty and chocolate flavors, whereas the acidity in hot coffee makes fruity flavors apparent.  

Behind the Scenes

We grind all of our coffee beans using a professional burr grinder, then, we determine a coffee-to-water ratio and add the coffee and water into a mason jar, where we will steep for about 48 hours after it has been stirred together and left covered in a refrigerator. After it has been triple filtered, we can then serve it. Some cold brew coffees are made using a French press, which will combine ⅔ of ground coffee with 3 cups of room-temperature water together and will then be steeped for only 12 hours.

The next time it’s a blistering hot day and you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, try some of our cold brew coffee. You’ll be able to taste the difference in acidity if you compare it to regular, hot coffee. It’ll be refreshing.