Emily Bloor of the popular travel blog, Luxury Backpack, knew that she wanted to explore the Key West with her partner. But she only had 24 hours! Luckily, she had planned it all out. During this short visit, she made sure that she would stop by our shop and pick up one of our fantastic nitro cold brews. It’s pretty cool that, with only 24 hours to spare, she made stopping in our shop a priority!

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Emily first checked in at The Duval House before journeying throughout the Key West, and tasting the succulent meals every restaurant had to offer. At sunset, she went over to Mallory Square, a classic Key West attraction, and watched street performers while waiting for the sun to set. “Despite the tourists, it is actually the most stunning sunset, and the street performers are pretty good (most of the time!).”

She was super enthusiastic about stopping in at our shop. Here’s what she said:


The Best Coffee in Town:

Okay so I rave about this place, but my absolute favourite coffee spot in Key West is Keys Coffee Co. They make delicious iced coffees, but my favourite is their nitro cold brew, which I cannot visit in the Key West without grabbing a cup. It makes you feel like a million dollars and is really tasty. Plus, because it is brewed for 48 hours, it doesn’t give you any nasty side effects that strong coffee can. Just try it, trust me.


After that, Emily quickly lounged by the pool outside of the Duval House, soaking up some more rays and feeling refreshed after her nitro cold brew. By the end of her trip, she revealed that she had had a “smashing 24 hours in the Key West” and we can see why. Her blog is captivating — you feel like you’re enjoying the Key West with her as she explores hidden gems and oldies but goodies with the eyes of a curious tourist.

Next time you’re in the Key West for 24 hours, are you going to visit us? Check out our food and drink menu: there are plenty of delicious options for you to try!

Whether you’re a veteran to Luxury Backpack or a newbie, there’s a plethora of insights and perspectives about our shop and our town in “24 Hours in the Key West”  that will make you never want to leave us. Thank you, Emily for stopping by and writing about us!